Me shooting into the air with a 1301 Comp Pro.

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Introduced last year, the Beretta 1301 Comp Pro didn’t start shipping until the second half of 2019 and was on display again at the recent SHOT Show. 75 or 3-inch shells; Action: Semi-automatic with Blink gas system; Barrel: 21 or 24 inch.

Forearm/handguard 13.

The 1301 is effectively the A400.

The 1301 comp is pretty much out of the box ready for 3-gun, the tac may need some tuning to your liking. 5”) Pro Style. .


Written on the RMA receipt upon receiving it back, the gunsmiths at Beretta hand tuned the feeding mechanism and fixed it. Bolt carrier 6. Follower.

Shot 30 rounds today with it installed and had. Beretta 1301 Pro Lifter - Lifter Hold Down - Magload Genuine Beretta Part #C7C121.


I currently shoot a Beretta 1301 Comp on skeet, trap, and sporting clays.

Featuring the comfort, stability and balance of the stock, the ultra-fast and safe loading system, the new bolt handle. The guys shooting 1301 near me say the guns don’t like to be dirty They get through 3 boxes but by the 4th box of shells & on it’s a roll of the dice when the grime builds up and starts causing issues.

The Pro model is fitted with a 24″ tri-alloy steel. May 17, 2020 · I sometimes use Fiocchi , the cheap Walmart Winchester or Remington Gun Club for practice, but the sharp edged crimp and softer material of the hull can cause feed problems like yours.

Mechanically inclined people, and the lucky gunner video explain this better than me, but it's a Major design flaw.


5″ barrel keep size as handy as possible, while its BLINK gas piston system is claimed to “cycle 36% faster than any other shotgun on the market.

Mar 12, 2018 · As noted above by some people the 1301 has a major failure point. Ghost loading is an issue with all the Comp Pro's. Had a 1301 Tactical and now own a 1301 Comp and have no use for any other shotguns and I've owned them all, Benelli M4, M2, Mossberg 930, Remington 11-87, etc.

Beretta 1301 Competition Specifications. Featuring the comfort, stability and balance of the stock, the ultra-fast and safe loading system, the new bolt handle. I had to send mine to beretta fresh out of the box because the mag tube assembly was DOA and wouldn’t hold shells without vomiting them with the slightest shake. 8 inches with an 18. Apr 16, 2020 · Thanks for the reply but I thought the Beretta 1301 Comp has a total of 14 out of 20 imported parts (listed below): 1.


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The 1301 Pro Comp features either an 21- or a 24-inch barrel, oversized controls, a vent-rib barrel and a receiver that's ready for Beretta's optic rail accessory.

Parts here are specific to the Beretta 1301 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun unless otherwise noted.


In its factory form, the aluminum receiver and synthetic stock are both shorter than those on the 1301 Comp Pro for an overall length of 37.